Community Service Awards

Youngsters earn special recognition
The community service of 13 primary-school pupils in the Bay Harbour area has been recognised with a special award from Ferrymead Rotary.
The pictures show Ava Clunie & Payton McLay (Bromley) and Hannah Lumb & Caleb Jansen (Redcliffs)
The awards, based on the recommendations of teachers, are made to students who have demonstrated key leadership aspects. The criteria are based on students’ ability to be good listeners, to show initiative, to follow through on their actions, and to demonstrate the ability to work with a variety of people to get the job done.
Those honoured this year were: Ava Clunie and Payton McLay (Bromley);  Lauren McCauley (Heathcote Valley);  Lilly-Marie Chapman and Michael Shevchuk (Mt Pleasant);  Caleb Jansen and Hannah Lumb (Redcliffs);  David Draganescu and Frida Perkins (Our Lady Star of the Sea); Issy Strachan and Ellie Young (Sumner); Lincoln Palmer and Charmare Steyn (Te Waka Unua).
Reports from the schools revealed a variety of qualities and activities across the award-winners. These included:
  • kindness to and support for other pupils; leadership roles;
  • contributions to school sports teams and other school activities;
  •  work in school libraries;
  • community involvement (some recipients have been working with elderly residents, or have been involved in community or church activities);
  • positive role modelling for fellow students;
  • demonstrating the ability to work with adults, teachers and other students in various roles.
Ferrymead Rotarian Pat Edward, who has overseen the project in recent years, says the aim is to promote a “good citizen” ethic within the school and the wider community. She emphasises that the criteria for the awards do not include academic or sporting skills. Rather, they concentrate on students’ contribution and service to the school and the community, and relationships with fellow pupils. Nominations are made by the teachers, and each recipient receives a gift voucher and a certificate.
These awards are Ferrymead Rotary’s longest-running project. The first awards were made in 1992, the year the club was founded, and they have continued uninterrupted every year since.
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Club’s 30th Anniversary Celebrations – 13th September 2023 

The Club celebrated 30 years with a community meeting at Club Redcliffs. We welcomed representatives from – Central Government, Local Government, our Community Board, Te Aratai College, Redcliffs Primary School, the Redcliffs Library, the Redcliffs Residents Association, the Estuary Trust, House of Science, Lions and our neighbouring Rotary Clubs of Linwood-Woolston, Christchurch South, Sunrise and Otautahi Passport, as well as members and partners, honorary members and former members.
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Finding DNA In The Environment

Exploring what lives in their local, natural environment has become much easier for Bay Harbour kids. A new, education kit, specially designed to help teachers and students with such studies, is now accessible through Ferrymead Rotary.
The kit, which has been produced by the Christchurch House of Science, has been designed to make science study easier and more rewarding for both teachers and pupils. It sits alongside 42 other science kits available to Christchurch schools. Ferrymead Rotary has also supported the Bromley and Heathcote Valley primary schools’ use of kits this year.
Some of the contents of “Who’s been there” kit.
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The Art Show – a great success!


It started a year ago, as a thought – could our club run an art show to highlight the work of local artists?  A show to bring value to the community, and possibly pay for itself as well. A few of us got together and started to figure out how it could work. We were fortunate in that one member of the team was able to establish contact with artists, and slowly the ideas came together. Where – the Redcliffs Bowling Club (now Club Redcliffs); how do we display the works? - hire panels. Can we find some generous sponsors to support us financially through the spending phase, until money came in from the show?

So we were off, with a project ahead of us, everything set for a grand opening in March this year.

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Art Show Addition

We're now only a few days away from the Art Show opening, an exciting event and a first for Ferrymead Rotary. This event was set to show case work from 31 artists however that number increased to 32 last week when we received a painting of Shag Rock, painted in 1965 by Canterbury Artist Gladys Keeley.

Gladys started painting in her teens and was still painting when she passed away at 87 in 1999. Her favourites were landscapes, seascapes and old farm buildings. She always preferred to paint in oils. Her work was accepted by The Canterbury Society of Arts, where she was a Working Member for many years and she held several exhibitions in their gallery. She also was accepted for the Annual Kelliher Awards.

This painting, which will be auctioned on the Friday opening night was kindly donated by Julie & Roger Martyn (Julie's mother being the Artist)

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Art Show In Bay Harbour News

The Bay Harbour News has been running our Art Show story and advertisements over the last few weeks culminating in a centre page lift out this week. Click here to go to the link for current edition of the Bay Harbour News and our ad.
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Art Show Key Advertising Sponsor

If you hadn't spotted our Art Show sign on the large media screen on Ferry Rd / Humphreys Dr corner, then take a look here. Thanks to GoMedia, we've enjoyed this high profile advertising site over several weeks and our Ad will re-appear this weekend and show up until the opening of the Art Show on Friday 4th Nov.
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Art Show Raffle Sponsors

We wish to acknowledge the following sponsors for their generous support of our Art Show Raffle
F45 Ferrymead, Super Value Sumner, Cassels Brewing - Tannery, Joes Garage Sumner, Estuary Vet Clinic, GoodHome Ferrymead, Beach Bar Sumner, The Village Inn Sumner, Redcliffs Pharmacy, Countdown Ferrymead, Mitre 10 Ferrymead, Petstock Ferrymead, De Spa Chocolatier, Aromaunga Flowers, Oderings, Take Note Ferrymead, Deluxe Cinemas - Tannery.
Raffle tickets on sale at the Art Show and drawn 2:30pm Sunday 6th Nov.
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Young Totara Award September 2022

Ferrymead Rotary presents its 20th Young Totara Award 

The Young Totara Award was set up in 1993 and since that time Ferrymead Rotary has recognised the achievements and responsible attitudes of 20 young people from our local community as Young Totara.   This year the award was presented to Sophie Watson


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Positive Hauora Resilience Programme at Linwood (Te Aratai) College Heather Fear 2022-05-29 12:00:00Z 0

Mother of all Clean-Ups

Mother of All Clean-Ups. On Saturday  morning May 7th, 10  Rotarians  turned out for the annual "Mother of All Clean-Ups", picking up 6 bags of trash along both sides of the causeway. Fortunately, there were no syringes or fire arms found this year with the most unusual object being a large desk pad. The warm and beautiful morning made this activity quite enjoyable. Several people out for their morning stroll thanked us for our efforts which reminded me that I should do   this   when   I   see   community   groups   helping   out...   It   makes   you feel appreciated. Due to the high tide prohibiting us from scrambling down the rocks and the limited amount of litter we were all finished by 11 am except for Dion who remained an extra half hour to make sure we hadn't missed anything.
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Tanya’s  market needs our help to deliver the goods   

Tanya’s market needs our help to deliver the goods 

Most fine Sunday mornings you will find our club member Tanya at the Woolston Market selling an array of goods to raise funds for Rotary and other organisations. 

The money Tanya raises enables Ferrymead Rotary to provide much needed support for our community, our young people and our environment- all causes we are passionate about.  

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Avon-Heathcote Estuary Ihutai Trust Heroes of the Month

Estuary Trust 'Heroes of the month'
The Ferrymead Rotary Club members collecting carelessly discarded rubbish along the Charlesworth Wetland Reserve section of the 360 Trail. Twice each year Rotary Clubs ensure the 360 trail path encircling Christchurch is free of rubbish and signage looks tidy. Wow, quite a commitment and a real bonus for the Estuary Trust wetland reserve. Well done Ferrymead Rotary Club. If YOU know of an Estuary hero doing a 'good deed' for the estuary, let us know by email; Photo shows H and S briefing before setting out to collect rubbish at the Charlesworth reserve carpark 
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Ferrymead Rotary

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Ferrymead Rotary Knitters Give New Babies A Warm Welcome.

Champion knitters: Ferrymead Rotary’s Pat Edward (standing) tries a woolly hat for size on Barbara Crooks (seated right) while Kathryn Tovgaard (left) makes sure there are no slipped stitches

A quartet of Ferrymead Rotary knitters has been bringing music to the ears of nurses and mothers at Christchurch Women’s Hospital. The foursome has knitted well over half a century of woolly hats for babies born at the hospital over the last 12 months

Ferrymead Rotary Knitters Give New Babies A Warm Welcome. Barbara Crooks 2021-09-29 11:00:00Z 0

Young Totaras Stand Tall In Community

Samantha Dryden and Niels de Beer were presented with Young Totara Awards by Ferrymead Rotary in recognition of their work in the community.

Samantha is an avid conservationist with special interest in ecology and climate change.

She lives in Halswell but regularly volunteers at Charlesworth Reserve, Ferrymead often travelling by bus.

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Rotary’s Response to the 1918 Flu Pandemic

An estimated 500 million people worldwide became infected. Many cities closed theaters and cinemas, and placed restrictions on public gatherings. Rotary clubs adjusted their activities while also helping the sick.

This is how Rotary responded to the influenza pandemic that began in 1918 and came in three waves, lasting more than a year.

The Rotary Club of Berkeley, California, USA, meets in John Hinkel Park during the 1918 flu pandemic.

Photo by Edwin J. McCullagh, 1931-32 club president. Courtesy of the Rotary Club of Berkeley.

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Rotary at the Start of the United Nations

Rotary and the United Nations have a shared history of working toward peace and addressing humanitarian issues around the world.

During World War II, Rotary informed and educated members about the formation of the United Nations and the importance of planning for peace. Materials such as the booklet “From Here On!” and articles in The Rotarian helped members understand the UN before it was formally established and follow its work after its charter. 

Many countries were fighting the war when the term “United Nations” was first used officially in the 1942 “Declaration by United Nations.” The 26 nations that signed it pledged to uphold the ideals expressed by the United States and the United Kingdom the previous year of the common principles “on which they based their hopes for a better future for the world.” 


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History of Women in Rotary

Women are active participants in Rotary, serving their communities in increasing numbers and serving in leadership positions in Rotary. The 1989 Council on Legislation vote to admit women into Rotary clubs worldwide remains a watershed moment in the history of Rotary.
 “My fellow delegates, I would like to remind you that the world of 1989 is very different to the world of 1905. I sincerely believe that Rotary has to adapt itself to a changing world,” said Frank J. Devlyn, who would go on to become RI president in 2000-01. 
The vote followed the decades-long efforts of men and women from all over the Rotary world to allow the admission of women into Rotary clubs, and several close votes at previous Council meetings.
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Young Inventor Eco-Friendly Bricks Come Full Circle

Every hero has an origin story. “I was 10 years old when the entire journey started,” explains Binish Desai. It began with a cartoon called Captain Planet, an animated TV series from the 1990s about an environmentalist with superpowers. Desai can still recite the show’s refrain: Captain Planet, he’s our hero / Gonna take pollution down to zero! “That tagline stuck in my mind,” he says. “I wanted to do something to help Captain Planet.”

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First Club in Philippines Opens Door to Rotary in Asia

In early 1919, Rotarian Roger Pinneo of Seattle, Washington, USA, traveled to the Philippines to try to organize a Rotary club in Manila. Leon J. Lambert, a Manila business leader helped Pinneo establish the club. Several months later, on 1 June 1919, the Rotary Club of Manila was chartered and became the first Rotary club in Asia.

The club would be the only one in the country for more than 12 years. Eventually, Manila club members organized Rotary clubs in the Philippine cities of Cebu (1932) and Iloilo (1933). Iloilo club members then started a club in Bacolod (1937), and Rotary continued to expand across the country.

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